Fortuna Fortuna

Meet our Office Staff

Miss Weaver and Miss Wallace are the first people you will see when you visit our school.

Miss Weaver is very busy in our office she makes sure that we all have taxis to take us to school and home again and sorts out all our school trips for us. She works very hard answering the phones and working on her computer but always has a smile for us when we take our good work to show her.

Miss Wallace also works in our school office she helps Miss Weaver on the phones and is always there to greet us in the morning with a big smile and a happy 'Good Morning'. She works very hard on the computer putting all of our assessments on it and makes sure everyone who looks after us knows how well we are doing, inviting them to meetings. She also makes sure that all of our visitors are looked after making them cups of tea and showing them round the school.