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Miss Brown's Class


Welcome to Miss Brown's Class




The adults in class 6 are;

Miss Brown, Miss Crampton and Mrs Hickman 


About Us


We are a fun and active class that enjoys role play, designing & making models, reading and messy play. We work hard and always try our best with our work. We are getting really good at stopping, thinking and taking adult help when we find something tricky.




This term our topic is The Vikings and our essential questions is; Vikings; Just a Journey Across the North Sea? We are leaning about Viking origins, we have found out that the Vikings came from the three countries in Scandinavia; Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Science forms a large part of our topic learning this term. We received an urgent email from Miss Claypole asking for our help to find the best nappy brand for her little girl. We have carried out some experiments to find out whether nappies from the Vikings times or modern day nappies are more absorbent. Throughout this we had to think about how to make this a fair test and make a prediction before we carried out the testing.


We have also be learning about Viking weaponry and have even finished some work to go in display in the entrance to the school.


Come back later in the term to find out what other exciting things we have been up to!



This term in literacy our focus has been persuasive writing. We have created our own adverts; posters, radio jingles and television adverts. We then went on to plan and independently write persuasive letters to send Miss Claypole convincing her that their brand was the best.





In Numeracy we have been looking at fractions and how to add two together. We are beginning to work on percentages and have continued our work on written methods for add, subtract, multiply and divide.



In PE this term we have been very lucky to have a man from Lincoln City come in to work on our teambuilding and problems solving skills by carrying out different challenges. We have really enjoyed working with Miss Mulligan's class .


School Rabbit


Mrs. Keegan and the other adults in school have been very kind and rescued a rabbit called Mr. Pickles who now lives at Fortuna and is cared for by all of the children. We were all noticed by Mrs. Keegan around school for our hard work and managing and was therefore asked to look after Mr. Pickles first. We fed him, played with him and cleaned him out for a whole week!







Below are some pictures of the immersive classroom environment;








We look forward to also sharing some of the amazing work that the children will produce this term. Keep checking back on this page for an update.



Useful Websites


Mr. DaMaio times table songs -


Sumdog (you can find your child's username and password in their weekly homework book) -


An interactive Viking game from the BBC


Fun facts about the Vikings


From the Apple app store -


Toonia Colurbook - educational colouring (free to download)