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Miss Hagues' Class


Welcome to Mrs Hagues' Class

The adults in class 6 are;

Mrs Hagues, Mr Moore and Miss Rawlins 

About Us


We are a fun and active class that enjoys role play, designing & making models, reading and messy play. We work hard and always try our best with our work. We are getting really good at stopping, thinking and taking adult help when we find something tricky.




This term our topic is the Frozen Planet and our essential question is "Do you have what it takes to explore the frozen planet?". We have started our topic off by designing and making Igloo's out of sugar cubes! These have been great fun to make and have really challenged the children {and the adult's} design ideas and improved their hand to eye coordination.


Science forms a large part of our topic and we will be beginning to carry out various scientific investigations this term starting with our Iceberg investigation, this saw us using two manmade large icebergs placed in two bowl. One bowl had fresh waster in and the other had salt water, as a class we had to predict which one would melt first and predict what would happen to the water levels when it did melt. This was great fun for all involved. We also try to do a few fun experiments throughout the week including the coke and mento challenge, the raisins dancing in the lemonade and the alkasalza and white vinegar in the film pots! 


Our Art project this term has been the Northern Lights and the children have created some fantastic pictures using a wide range of mediums.





Our class received an important voice recording on Monday 11th September from a Scientist based at the Rothera research station on Antarctica, asking us to write some adventure stories based on a polar expedition. Our adventure stories are fantastic and Mrs Hagues emailed them off to the research station who very kindly sent us a personalised message back highlighting the key areas they enjoyed from our stories. We have since worked on poetry, persuasive letters and soon we will be writing our very own non-chronological reports!





In Numeracy we are working on developing the written methods for multiplication and divide, we have also been practicing our mental maths by playing a range of games including interactive games to beat the clock!


Our homework will be sent home every Thursday in our homework books and will be due in the following Tuesday. We use the sumdog app for our maths and the link for this and the user names and passwords are all typed on the homework sheets. We also have a reading expectation to read a minimum of three times a week to an adult or to ourselves. The weekly spellings are also on the homework swell as a homework challenge each week.



In PE this term we have been working on our gymnastics skills such as our balance, fitness and Core strength skills. Our final aim is to use the skills we have practised to choreograph a gymnastics routine to show to some other adults in school. 

Our PE sessions are every Tuesday morning this term so please remember your PE kits. 



Below are some pictures of the immersive classroom environment;





We look forward to also sharing some of the amazing work that the children will produce this term. Keep checking back on this page for an update.



Useful Websites


Mr. DaMaio times table songs -


Sumdog (you can find your child's username and password in their weekly homework book) -


From the Apple app store -


Toonia Colurbook - educational colouring (free to download)


We look forward to also sharing some of the amazing work that the children will produce this term. Keep checking back on this page for an update