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Miss Houltby's Class


Miss Houltby's Class


Mr Moore, Miss Haultby and Miss Rawlins

Mr Moore, Miss Haultby and Miss Rawlins 1

Welcome back! 


We hope you have had an enjoyable Christmas and are ready to get back into the routine of Fortuna. This is our class page and where you will find out about everything we are learning about. 


The adults in class this year are Miss Houltby, Mr Moore and Miss Rawlins. All the adults in class enjoy helping children and they especially enjoy playing during break times and choosing times.  


How does the weather surprise us?  


This term we will trying to answer our essential question. We will be looking at the changes in different seasons and how this affects the weather.  We will be finding out why and how the weather changes and what it is like in different parts of the world. We then be looking at different animals and how they adapt to their environments. 


We have just started looking at the different seasons and learning about the signs to tell us which seasons it is. We will be moving onto the changes in the weather and looking at different weather around the world. 




We have started our term by looking at traditional tales, we have listened to the stories and acted them out. We are going to try and write our own traditional tale. 




​This term we will be learning and range of new skills that we can use in our Maths work. We will continue to look at how numbers are formed so that we are forming our numbers correctly and counting forwards and backwards to 100.  




Swimming will be on a Friday. We will remind the children on a Thursday that they need to bring in their kit. 

Useful website: - Maths - Literacy - Topic 




We have a wonderful frozen castle that has appeared in our classroom. We enjoy going inside and playing in the water. We also have been having fun playing with the little castle and the snow. 


Ice Skating 


Here is some of our pictures from our class ice skating.