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Miss Mulligan's Class


Miss Mulligan's Class


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Miss Mulligan, Miss Brown and Miss Seaman


The adults in Miss Mulligan's class are:

Miss Mulligan - Miss Mulligan is the teacher, her favourite subjects are English and History and loves to read stories to the children. She loves animals and has a dog, Louie, and a cat, Mia, both are very naughty!


Miss Seaman - Miss Seaman is one of the TA's in our class. Miss Seaman loves to go the gym and spend time with her daughters Becky and Rosie. Miss Seaman loves to cook with the children in class. 


Miss Brown - Miss Brown is a big animal lover, she enjoys riding her horse Lady and walking her puppy Maggie (Magitha to her friends!). Miss Brown loves to play games with children in choosing times. 











How can we help Amenia build the pyramids? 


We came back to school to find a IBU room (mummification room), the river Nile (complete with boat) and a pyramid in our classroom! 

Miss Mulligan didn't teach us on the first day back, the Egyptian Cinderella 'Rhodopis' did instead. 


On the second day back, we went back through time. We visited World War 2, the Victorians, the English civil war, the Tudors, the Norman invasion, the Vikings and the Romans before we made it to Ancient Egypt 5000 years ago! 


We can't wait to learn more about Ancient Egypt. 

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We read the Egyptian Cinderella and decided to turn another fairy tale into an Egyptian story. We are currently writing our own version of an Egyptian Hansel and Gretel. 


After we finish, critique and edit our stories, we are going to write some reports on mummification.  Our trip to the Hands on History museum in Hull will allow us to get lots of information for that report. 



We love to practise our times tables using Mr DeMaio's youtube page. You can find the videos here:


We also like to play on Sumdog which allows us to practise our mental maths. You can get onto Sumdog if you follow the link below.




We are swimming this term, our swimming kits need to be in on Fridays. For swimming we need: trunks/swimming costume, towel, goggles (optional).