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Miss Mulligan's Class


Miss Mulligan's Class


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Miss Mulligan, Miss Brown and Miss Seaman


The adults in Miss Mulligan's class are:

Miss Mulligan - Miss Mulligan is the teacher, her favourite subjects are English and History and loves to read stories to the children. She loves animals and has a dog, Louie, and a cat, Mia, both are very naughty!


Miss Seaman - Miss Seaman is one of the TA's in our class. Miss Seaman loves to go the gym and spend time with her daughters Becky and Rosie. Miss Seaman loves to cook with the children in class. 


Miss Brown - Miss Brown is a big animal lover, she enjoys riding her horse Lady and walking her puppy Maggie (Magitha to her friends!). Miss Brown loves to play games with children in choosing times. 


How can we help Iron Man!?


We had an incredibly exciting start to our school term, a robot's head appeared to have crash landed in our playground! 

Miss Mulligan was on her way into the classroom on the first Monday back and noticed something, she couldn't believe her eyes when she went to investigate. 

The police came to make sure it was safe and then the SOCOs came (Scene of Crime Officers) to check the forensics.  









It wasn't just the head that had crashed, an arm was found in the river Witham, near Monks Road and a leg was found in Lincoln quarry. We found this out by a Twitter account called LincolnIronMan ( who had posted the coordinates of where the other parts had been found. We then plotted these coordinates on a map of Lincoln. He also posted a link to The Lincolnite website which had a news article about the Iron Man. As well as 


We saw a BBC News article explaining that the authorities couldn't get the leg out of the quarry as the road was too slippy to get a lorry up and down the road safely.( ) So, we decided we could maybe help them. We carried out some science experiments to find how they could get the lorry with the robot's leg up the slippy road and not have the lorry slip back down when the brakes were applied.


Our class found that if they coated the wheels in sandpaper or indeed put sandpaper down the lorry would be able to apply it's brakes without slipping down the ramp. We realised that the sandpaper produced more friction than the other materials we tested which were: plastic, wood and pins. A lot of us did think that if we placed pins on the wheels that would allow extra grip but the lorry slipped down the road quicker than any of the other materials. 


Since then the body and a badly damaged right hand have also been found in woodland in Lincoln and the body parts have been taken away to a nearby hanger. But, the other leg is still missing, we're waiting to find out where it will be found so keep a look out!!!



We are looking at adventure stories.


We were sent on a quest to get Miss Mulligan's tin back which had been stollen. We followed some clues and had to complete some tasks (an obstacle course and physical exercises) which lead us to Miss Wallace who had stollen the tin! Miss Wallace had then set us a maths code to break so we could get Miss Mulligan's tin back - she was not impressed! 

This adventure did allow us to think about the features of an adventure story and we were able t identify the features in our own quest. 


We have also had a task given to us by Miss Robson. Miss Robson left us some clues in class as to what she needed a little bit of help with and we have to figure it out. Miss Robson had been reading the start of some of the boys and girls adventure stories from Athena school and they hadn't put any adverbs in them. Miss Robson knew our class were looking at adventure stories so thought we could help them include some 'how' adverbs. We were fantastic at it and made those story starters even better!


We are now planning our own adventure stories - they all have to include a robot in somewhere but we can use our imaginations as to where a robot would fit into our stories. 

Miss Mulligan can't wait to read them!


We love to practise our times tables using Mr DeMaio's youtube page. You can find the videos here:


We also like to play on Sumdog which allows us to practise our mental maths. You can get onto Sumdog if you follow the link below.




We have PE on a Tuesday afternoon so will need to bring shorts/tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt and trainers/plimsolls on a Wednesday.