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Miss Mulligan's Class


Miss Mulligan's Class


Mrs Garner, Miss Mulligan, Mrs Frankland

Mrs Garner,  Miss Mulligan, Mrs Frankland 1

The adults in Miss Mulligan's class are:

Miss Mulligan - Miss Mulligan is the teacher, her favourite subjects are English and History and loves to read stories to the children. She loves animals and has a dog, Louie, and a cat, Mia, both are very naughty!


Mrs Frankland - Mrs Frankland is great at Maths and tidying! She loves to play games with the children during their choosing times. Mrs Frankland has a lovely labrador called Manny and thinks anything Disney is brilliant! 


Mrs Garner - Mrs Garner is new to the school and loves being here! Mrs Garner enjoys English and is very good at art. Mrs Garner has 4 children who keep her very busy as well as 2 cute little dogs.  





Are the Ancient Greeks really just a memory? 


We are going to be exploring Ancient Greece and how the Ancient Greeks continue to influence our lives in the 21st century. 


We came into class to find that we had our very own Greek temple in class which will include a blackboard to practise using Greek letters on as well as a archaeological dig for fossils. We also found a strange looking statue!


We have started the year by looking at Myths and legends. The first myth we have looked at is Pandora's Box with a visit from Pandora herself! We made our own boxes and decided what bad things needed to go into the box along with 3 good things that would be released if the box was opened. 


We are really looking forward to reading some more myths. 


We love to practise our times tables using Mr DeMaio's youtube page. You can find the videos here:

We love learning whilst we play!