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Mr Chaplin's Class


Mr Chaplin's Class

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Rainforest in a Jar

The children have made a rainforest in a jar using soil, water, moss and some garden herb seeds. The rainforest is self sufficient and the jar will never need opening, as it has its own water and oxygen cycle.

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Maths Adventure

Dr Indiana Chaplin visited today to ask for our help with an important quest. He had found an ancient code in the rainforest and asked for our help to break it.


The children worked in groups to complete the maths stories and then went on a journey through the rainforest to see if they could find what the numbers meant.


After a long journey through the rainforest, the children broke the code and found a treasure chest containing a map and some instructions.


Following the instructions by taking steps with their fingers the children found that they all placed the treasure in different places – We all have different size fingers! After some discussion we decided that we could use 5cm ‘steps’ to follow the instructions and we found that the treasure was located in a temple hidden in a tree.


Dr Chaplin entered the temple and found the treasure but it was booby-trapped. We needed bags with 2 handfuls of sand to take the place of the golden relic. The children each made a bag containing 2 hands of sand, but when they weighed them they were all different! The children realised they all had different sized hands.


It started to get late so we headed back to camp to think how we can deactivate the trap and get the golden relic.

Welcome Back!

It is time to shake-off those late nights and long lay-ins, the 2017/18 school year has started!


We will be kicking off the year with our rainforest topic, focusing particularly on plants and creatures of all sizes. We have lot of fun activities to help keep our learning fun and a few surprises too.


I will be in contact with parents and carers at the end of the first week to let you know how our first week has gone. A letter will also be sent in the first couple of weeks containing useful information like which days to send PE kit and when homework activities are due.


Keep checking back to see what we are up to in class.


Mr C

Some Useful Start of Year Websites

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