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Mr Gilkison's Class

Welcome to the start of the 2017/18 academic year in Mr. Gilkison's class. The adults in class are Mr. Gilkison, who enjoys walks and mountaineering. Ms. Senior, who likes to play netball and Miss Pepper, who is mad about all things Harry Potter. 


The Spring term sees us heading to ancient Egypt.

When we arrived back at school we were amazed to find a giant pyramid in our classroom. We have already learnt to write our name in hieroglyphs ( The pictures that ancient Egyptians used to write and communicate with.) and how to write some ancient Egyptian numbers. 

After visiting The Hands On museum in Hull and seeing a real mummy from over 3000 years ago, we have decided to make our very own canopic jars which the ancient Egyptian used to hold their organs to take to the afterlife. Have a look at our pictures from our trip. Pictures of our finished canopic jars and our hieroglyphs to follow.   

Our visit to The Hands On Museum in Hull where we saw a real mummy!

Our Class trip to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life

As part of our Robots topic we went to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life. We discovered how machinery has evolved and how it has shaped and influenced the robots we see today.

This term we came back to a great surprise. We found a giant robot head just laying there in our playground! Where had it come come? What did it mean? Why was it here?


The reporters for the news were just as intrigued, as were the police. The robot remains have now been moved to be examined by the crime scene officers. But the story does not end there! Reports were made of more robot parts being discovered around Lincoln. Follow to find out more. 

The discovery of a robot head in our playground inspired us to create a robot themed classroom and to look at The Iron Man story in our literacy. We have begun to look at describing the Iron Man and where we think he has come from, using adjectives and smilies. We are looking forward to reading the rest of this story to find out what happens to the Iron Man and Hogarth. We will then be writing our own Iron Man story.


We have a giant robot of our own.

We have a giant robot of our own. 1
We have a giant robot of our own. 2 Look at our laboratory

Physical Education

The spring term sees us going swimming in our P.E. lessons. We will be going on a Tuesday morning before lunchtime. Please bring your kit in each week. We will send kit home on a Tuesday to be washed and you are welcome to send it back into school any day before Tuesday. 





We are continuing to work on our numbers and reasoning. We will be looking at applying these to real life problems. We will also be looking at measurements such as weight, length and volume. You could help your child by talking about the size of objects and what things weigh for example whilst cooking or baking.  



In Literacy we have been creating a non-chronological report book about bug hotels. We have looked at the features of non-fiction books and set to work to make sure we included everything we would need. We have included headings, captions and information to make our book interesting, not to mention photographs of us actually making our bug hotels! We have placed  these in our school garden to encourage mini-beasts to visit. 

Useful Websites

Fun spelling, grammar, reading and writing activities.

A fun maths website with age appropriate activities. Login details will be sent home soon.

Great for facts about the world's rainforests.