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Mr Keegan's Class

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Welcome to Mr. Keegan's Class!


The adults in our class are Mr. Keegan, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Moate


We are an extremely hardworking, kind and helpful class.


As a class we enjoy our learning and work well as a team but also independently.





Last term we looked at ancient Greece. We enjoyed listening and reading many Greek myths. The children then went on to plan, edit and write their own.


This term we are continuing with our ancient Greek topic in literacy and we are writing a diary entry of a Greek solider.



During last term we started lessons with countdown. We then looked at angles in triangles and followed on with the area, perimeter and volume of shapes.


This term we are continuing with our countdown starters and then focusing on averages and time.



We have been very busy in our topic lessons. We started out last term by designing and making our own pottery, with modern day designs painted on them. They are now being displayed in our immersive area.

Later in the term we looked at Greek weapons, in particularly the catapult and what key parts are needed to make a successful one. We then created our own catapults using lolly sticks, rubber bands, cardboard and bottle tops.


This term we are continuing to look at Ancient Greece.

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This term in music we are learning to play the trumpets. Some of us have played them before and are quite experienced, for others it is the first time but everyone is certainly much better than Mr Keegan!

P.E Kit


This term our P.E is on a Wednesday.


Please ensure that your child is sent in with a full P.E kit.


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