Fortuna Fortuna

What are we learning about?

A trek through the Jungle, What will I see?  


This term we will trying to answer our essential question. We have a Jungle Jeep in class with role play items and small world play. We will be learning about all the different animals we might see if we were trekking through the Jungle. 




We will be looking at our phonic sounds and how we can use these in our writing. We keep practising forming our letters and have a go at writing sentences.  We will be exploring different stories, songs and poems about the Jungle and will have a go at writing our own.  




​This term we will be continuing to look at our number skills. We will continue to practice our adding and subtraction skills and what happens to the numbers.


We will be continue to explore measuring using non standard measures, reading the time looking at o'clock and half past, 2D and 3D shapes and recognising their names and properties.