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Accessibility Plan 2017-2020


Accessibility Plan 2017-2020


This plan complies with the statutory guidance laid out in the SEN Code of Practice 2014 and the Equality Act 2010 which replaces the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 & 2005. The 2010 Act imposes equality duties in respect of the protected characteristics which include

• Age

• Disability

• Gender re-assignment

• Pregnancy and maternity

• Race

• Religion or belief

• Sex

• Sexual orientation

• Marriage and civil partnership

This plan should be read in conjunction with 

• Equality Act 2010: advice for schools DfE February 2013

• SEND Code of Practice 0-25 (Sept 2014)

• Schools SEN Information Report 

• Statutory Guidance on Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions April 2014

• The National Curriculum in England Key Stage 1 and 2 framework document September 2014

• Safeguarding Policy




The SEN Code of Practice 2014 states that under the Equality Act 2010 schools:

• Must not directly or indirectly discriminate against, harass or victimise disabled children and young people 

• Must not discriminate for a reason arising in consequence of a child or young person’s disability 

• Must make reasonable adjustments, including the provision of auxiliary aids and services, to ensure that disabled children and young people are not at a substantial disadvantage compared with their peers. This duty is anticipatory – it requires thought to be given in advance to what disabled children and young people might require and what adjustments might need to be made to prevent that disadvantage 

• Must make reasonable adjustments to procedures, criteria and practices and by the provision of auxiliary aids and services. 

• Must publish accessibility plans setting out how they plan to increase access for disabled pupils to the curriculum, the physical environment and to information. 


At Fortuna Primary school we are committed to providing a fully inclusive and accessible environment for all pupils, staff, parents and visitors.  This accessibility plan outlines how we will meet the needs of disabled pupils, staff and visitors within our school over the next 3 years.

Overall aims:  

• To ensure that disabled pupils and pupils with additional needs have access to relevant equipment to support their access, development and learning. 

• To continue to ensure that all pupils are able to access the curriculum and wider school life and that reasonable adjustments are made when required.

• To ensure that all parents and carers are able to access the school’s wider community and support with their child’s learning. 

• To ensure that staff are trained in meeting the needs of all pupils including those with additional needs and disabilities to enable them to access the curriculum. 








Success criteria


Physical Access

To be aware of the access needs of disabled pupils, staff, governors, parents and visitors

New pupil information taken from EHC and Parent/carer interview

Before entry of every new child

SENCO and Assistant Head



Penn picture produced and risk assessment completed


Create access plans and PEEPs for individual pupils when required.

As required




Plans in place as and when needed


Identify access needs of parents through parent interview and liason with child and family worker


Annually at the beginning of the school year and then throughout the year as required


Child and family worker


School is aware of access needs of parents and parents are able to access the building effectively and safely.

Identify the needs of the staff during recruitment, induction procedures, annual appraisal meetings and back to work interviews.

Annually and then as required.


All needs of staff are highlighted and necessary adjustments are made

Ensure pupils, staff and visitors with physical difficulties are able to access the building effectively and safely with and without support.

Entrances are clearly identified and are accessible.

Checked regularly


Mr Saunders



All pupils, staff and visitors are able to locate relevant entrances and are able to enter and exit the building safely.


Magnetic door fasteners throughout school have been serviced and are working correctly.

Checked regularly and any problems are reported immediately to the school office/SMT who will log the problem with Enegie and engage relevant services to fix the problem promptly.

Relevant outside company to service the system.









All staff are able to close outside doors throughout school to ensure accessibility.


Ensure corridors are clearly accessible throughout school.


Corridors are checked daily.


All staff.

All pupils, staff and visitors are able to move around the school safely.


Ensure that disabled pupils and visitors in wheelchairs are able to access classrooms safely and effectively.

Adapt layout of classrooms where needed to ensure access for pupils with physical difficulties and those in wheelchairs.

class teachers.



Disabled pupils and pupils with physical needs are able to access the classroom effectively and safely.

Ensure that PEEPs are in place for identified pupils with physical difficulties and that staff are aware of the contents of the PEEP.

November 2017 and then updated dependent on change of needs or staffing.

Initially Deputy Head SENCO

Identified pupils with physical difficulties have a PEEP in place to ensure that they can evacuate the building safely in the event of an emergency.

Ensure that the equipment within school for pupils with physical difficulties meets their individual needs and that identified staff are fully trained to use them.

Ensure that staff are aware of Occupational Healths, recommendations, plans and equipment for children with physical disabilities


As required


Identified pupils to have allocated time to follow Physio and O.T programmes with appropriate equipment


Ensure equipment and resources for individuals is appropriately used

As required


Identified staff to liaise with physiotherapist and occupational therapist

Ensure that pupils with Hearing Impairement and VIisual Impairement have access to the aids they require or that reasonable adjustments have been made to meet their individual needs.

Support from the Hearing Impairement specialist teacher within school when required.


Ensure Hearing Loop is working and serviced


Ensure that pupils with VI have access to the correct sized font as advised by the orthoptist or specialist VI teacher.

As required


Buisness Manager

Reasonable adjustments are made to meet the needs of individual pupils.


Enegie check the hearing loop system






Success criteria


Access to the curriculum.

Ensure that all children have the correct height of furniture and are seated effectively within the classroom to access teaching and learning.

Ensure all tables, work areas and chairs are a suitable height for all children especially when it is a new classroom.


Ensure that children who have been provided with equipment such as classroom chairs from OT have these assessed regularly in order to check that they are functioning properly and are effective in enabling the pupil to access the curriculum.








As required

SENCO, class teachers and outside agencies such as OT and Physio.






All pupils will have access to the correct height of furniture.





Pupils with specific furniture will be able to access the curriculum effectively.


To ensure that staff are aware of the specific needs of pupils within our school and that training is provided as required.

Epilepsy Training



Staff have a developing understanding of how to meet the needs of pupils with dyslexia and dyscalculia within their classes.


Update medical information in pupils files.

Ensure that first aid certificates are updated when necessary and that staff are trained to meet the needs of more complex medical needs such as diabetes.

Annually and then ongoing.



First Aid training is undertaken when required.





School Bursar


Staff are aware of children who have medical needs within school and are trained to manage these effectively.






Success criteria



To ensure that information for parents/carers/visitors/

Potential parents are accessible.

Check that the information regarding SEND such as the SEND information report, local offer, policy, accessibility plan is available on the school website and is easily accessible.

Ensure that paper copies are readily available should they be requested by parents/visitors who do not have access to the internet.



Parents/carers/visitors/ potential parents are able to access information about the school easily and in a relevant form for them.


Ensure that the languages of our school community are reflected around school and that parents who do not have English as their first language are still able to access information from school.

Ensure that there are multilingual signs in classrooms relevant for pupils


EAL coordinator

Our school global community is reflected throughout.


Ensure a translator is made available to parents/carer when required for meetings etc

Translate parent letters and information for home into native language so parents can access information


EChild and Family Worker

Parents who may struggle to communicate in English are able to access information in their own language wherever possible.




This plan will be reviewed and updated annually

Next review date:  November 2018

This plan will be revised in November 2019