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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for parents

Update April 2022

Department for Education guidance for schools relating to Covid-19 was withdrawn from the 1st April, 2022. School planning for Covid-19 is now covered by the school's general policies for health and safety, attendance and emergency planning.


At present the following government guidance applies:

  • Adults and children who test positive with Covid should stay at home. Further guidance on what to do if someone tests positive for Covid-19 can be found here.
  • As with other illness, people with signs of respiratory illness should stay at home and avoid contact with others. A summary of respiratory illness symptoms can be found here.
  • Children and young people (aged 18 and under) with mild symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, or slight cough, who are otherwise well, can continue to attend their education setting.
  • Children and young people who live with or are a close contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 should continue to attend school unless they develop symptoms or tes positive themselves.


The school will continue to maintain the following precautions to try and limit the transmission of Covid-19 and other respiratory illness:

  • Frequent hand washing.
  • Frequent cleaning of tables and commonly touched surfaces during the school day.
  • CO2 sensors to be used in class to monitor ventilation.

Home Learning

If your child is off school due to illness such as isolating with Covid-19 symptoms, but well enough to access learning. Please make your child's class teacher aware so that home learning can be arranged.

If your family are self-isolating, please inform the school as you would with any other absence.