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We have been looking at adjectives this term. Today, I wondered if you could find some verbs (doing/action) words to describe the events in Jack and the bean stalk.

E.g. The giant stomped around the castle.

Jack climbed down the bean stalk. 


I am happy for you to list some words or if you are up for a challenge you can out them into sentences. 




As we have been looking at poems this term I wondered if you could find some rhyming.



Sat Mat

Egg Leg 

Now you try:


Jack                              Bean

Hen                               Ran

Cow                               Hid

Mum                              Kind


If you are up for the challenge could you find some of your own rhyming words?




Some people think Jack was doing the right thing by taking the giants belongings to help him and his mum, others think he was wrong to take what was not his. 


Can you you write an explanation of what you think. I would like at least 2/3 sentences. 

You could start them off by saying....


I think Jack was right to take the hen because....

I do not agree with Jack's actions because....

If I were Jack I would of took the giants belongings because.....

If I were Jack I would not of took the giants belongings because....






Make a story map of the story, using simple words and pictures then use it to retell the story to an adult. 





Ladybird First Favourite Tales Audio | Jack and the Beanstalk

You can listen to the story again here to help you.


Today I'd like you to change the items Jack steals, instead of money, a chicken and a harp.

Can you think about last weeks list poem of what they would find in a giant’s pocket to help pick new items. – label these items. If you'd like to challenge yourself, can you write the items in a list using commas.