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Everyone - Do I know my multiplication tables?


I am putting a personalised challenge on Sumdog that will be on until Sunday. The challenge will focus on the multiplication tables you are struggling on and have not reached 95% or higher on Sumdog. 


Black Group Can I find the following 2D shapes in my house? 

Find the following shapes in and around your house. 






When you have found these, write the properties of these shapes. 


Green Group and Purple group Can I find right angles around my house?

Can I find acute angles around my house? 

Can I find obtuse angles around my house? 


Firstly find right angles in your house (or in the garden) then note down where you have found them.

Then find acute (angles less than 90 degrees) angles in your house and obtuse (between 90 degrees and a 180 degrees - a half turn) in your house. Remember to write down where you find them.