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Fortuna Fortuna

Miss Knights' Class

Welcome to Miss Knights Class!


The adults in class are: 

Mrs Garner, Miss Knights and Mrs Moate


Home Learning Friday 29th April



Design your own front cover for out class book 'Funnybones'. Remember to include a picture, the authors name and the title. 



Practice counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. 

Practice your number bonds to 10.

Challenge- find number bonds to 20. How do they link to number bonds to 10?



This term we are looking at maps. Can you draw a map of your street or local area? You could include a key to show the landmarks you've included. 


This term we are reading

'Jack and the Beanstalk'. 



Take a look around our classroom!



Here is our Giants castle! 


Look inside if you dare....



Careful the Giant is sleeping at the dinner table after a huge meal, try not to wake him up!



Look out! He's trying to climb down the beanstalk! 





This is are cozy reading corner. We like to take our favourite books in here and share them with friends. 



Fortuna Story Time


A story read by a familiar face: