Fortuna Fortuna

Miss Knights' Class

Miss Knights’ Class

The adults in our class are Miss Knights,

Mr Moore and Miss Rawlins.


This term our topic is ‘To Infinity and Beyond’ which means we will be exploring all things space!


Take a look around our classroom…



We have a space rocket in class, alongside our own

patch of moon dust and rock ready for some

exciting immersive play.




We also have a cosy reading corner, perfect for

when we want some quiet time.




We have had a lot of fun making space related

things like our rockets and stars.




We even made our own galaxy in a jar!



In Literacy we have been looking at the story ‘Back to Earth with a bump’ and have been planning and writing our own space adventure story.


We have been looking into all different areas of

Maths. In particular we have been working on

improving our independence and using the tools and resources in the classroom to help us.


In Topic we have started to compare two

great explorers.


Neil Armstrong


Christopher Columbus.