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Mr Allen's Class

Welcome to Mr Allen's Class

Miss Senior, Mr Allen & Miss Bailey


A Message for Mr Allen's Class 05/01/21


I am so sorry that I'm having to write this message to you but I wanted to let you all know that I'm thinking of you and I'm so sorry that we are not going to be able to be together in the next couple of weeks.


I know that the next few weeks are going throw up some very tricky times but I know that you will all be able to use that Fortuna strength to help you deal with those times. I will be putting your learning up on here every week. If you would like to send me any work you have done I'm sure an adult can email it to the school email address. 


I am really hoping that we will be able to be back together soon so that we can continue with our new exciting topic 


I will see some of you in a couple of days and I hope to see the rest of you very soon!!!


Mr Allen, Miss Senior and Miss Bailey 


Welcome to Mr Allen's class. In class we like to help each other out and always have lovely manners. We work hard and enjoy a good game of stuck in the mud. You will always find us caring for each other too. Enjoy looking at the amazing work we produce. 
We enjoyed dressing up and completing lots of superhero activities whilst raising money for some good causes.


Was the earth more extreme in the past?


This term our class question is: Was the earth more extreme in the past?


 In topic we are looking at everything extreme earth from volcanoes to earthquakes and how the Roman changed Britain for us today



Spellings for the week starting 22nd March 2021

    Yellow group          Blue group         

     read                         gold               

     head                        hold              

     bread                      told           

     meant                     every       

     instead                   everybody


    Orange group            Red group

    interest                      recommend

    experiment                leisure

    potatoes                     privilege

    favourite                     occur

    imagine                       neighbour


In Literacy, we will be looking at personification and the events of Pompeii so we can write our own newspaper articles.



In maths we are looking at the different properties of 3D shapes. We are good at identifying shapes by their properties and have looked at symmetry within shapes. As well as practicing our times tables regularly we have been using column subtractions to solve problems.  



In science we are learning about states of matter with lots of fun and exciting investigations planned.




This term we are learning all about Hinduism, from their festivals to their place of worship.




This term we are going to be looking at Blogs and even going to write our own class Blog. 

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