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A Message from Miss Rollins

Hello, everyone! We are coming into the last week of the term! It still feels very odd not having you all in school! I've missed the end of the school year traditions that we all look forward too, from school trips, the carnival to the leaving assembly for our wonderful year 6 pupils. 


For the last week the home learning is about endings, memories and transitions, I hope you find them fun and that they help you end this school year in the best way you can. 


I feel sad that we didn't get to end the year altogether and for my class I truly felt we were getting into our stride before lock down and was looking forward to our stone age topic!


I hope that you can all enjoy yourselves as much as possible in the summer with some changes to lockdown but the most important thing is to stay safe and make sure your back in September . Remember we are always here if you need anything! 


I hope you enjoy some of the activities on the home learning!


I'm looking forward to seeing my year 6 pupils soon for their celebration.



Keep Safe!




Miss Rollins 



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