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Mrs Rollins' Class

Welcome to Mr. Keegan's Class!


The adults in our class are Mr. Keegan, Mrs Garner and Mrs Moate


We are an extremely hardworking, kind and helpful class.


As a class we enjoy our learning and work well as a team but also independently.





The last two terms have seen us explore the frozen planet and the victorians.

This term our new topic is 'The Stone Age', and we have been learning about how stone age people went about their daily lives, what foods they ate, the clothes they wore and the different things they discovered.

In literacy we were given the challenge of designing and creating a pamphlet to encourage people to visit our prehistoric park. We planned and designed these independently and used our persuasive writing techniques to encourage potential visitors.





Last term we looked at angles, time and measurement.

This term we have been looking at fractions, 3D shapes and word problems.









This term we are looking at the Stone Age. We have been learning how stone age man lived and some of the things he discovered.

We have learnt how a fossil is formed and have produced a timeline recording this.

In art, we have been looking at early cave paintings and how these were produced.

We created our own design following what we found out and used charcoal, twigs and our fingers to make our own.





This term in music we are learning to play the bells! So far this has been an exciting experience for the whole class, and seems to be an instrument even Miss Garner can get the hang of.

Last term we learnt how to play the Ukulele and had a surprise visit from Radio Lincolnshire during one of our lessons!!

P.E Kit


This term our P.E is on a Monday.


Please ensure that your child is sent in with a full P.E kit.


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