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On The Farm

Lambing Updates Week 1

Find out how we're preparing for the lambing season.

Lambing Updates Week 2

Today we answer some questions: How many lambs can a sheep have? How long are they pregnant? What do sheep eat?

Lambing Updates Week 3 EYFS & KS1

This week we see the birth of a lamb. The birth is sensitively cut for younger viewers to simply show lambs immediately after birth BUT should be reviewed by...

Lambing Updates Week 4 EYFS & KS1

What do lambs eat? Why do lambs have ear tags? These are some of the questions answered in Week 4's Update. Video has images of newly born lambs

Lambing Updates Week 5 EYFS & KS1

A look at sheep's feet, meet some calves and see the lambs go outside for the firsts time.

Bonus video: Pip

Just a few short clips of Pip the sheep dog. Lots of you have asked for this!