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Can I design an information text about the Palaeolithic era? 


We have learnt lots about the Palaeolithic era so far this term including: 


- they roamed the land sheltering in caves.

- they were hunter gatherers which means they hunted the meat that they ate (there were no farms or farmers) and gathered berries, nuts and foliage together to eat. 

- they painted on cave walls using charcoal, soil, twigs, leaves, feathers and sometimes even blood. 

- they made tools and weapons out of flints and wood. 

- they sometimes carved little models out of stone. 


Using this information, and any other information that you want to research, design an leaflet or poster that tells others about the people of the Palaeolithic era. 


Websites that you might want to do some extra research:,it%20became%20warmer%20and%20colder.