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Fortuna Fortuna

Welcome. Our Aims, Ethos and Values


Our Aims, Ethos and Values


The fundamental aim of the Fortuna/Athena Federation is to provide an environment for pupils which is safe, warm, loving and unconditionally accepting of all individual pupils and their needs in order for pupils to become part of a School Community.  Within this community pupils will have the opportunity to flourish and become the best they can be in all that they do.

All members of staff (Learning support staff, office staff, kitchen staff, caretakers and cleaners) have a part to play in achieving this aim and understand their role within this.

Teachers within the Federation are accountable for the learning and progress that pupils make within a tailored curriculum within each School.

Our Teaching and Learning Policy, Behaviour Management Policy and SEN Policy set out detailed expectations within the Federation but the following essential features underpin all School Policies.

Everything that staff do within the school is related to the needs of the pupils.  All staff are pupil focused, honest and positive and have high expectations of pupils potential.

We accept and understand that what pupils present is only the tip of an emotional iceberg and they each have a history which we cannot understand without communication and discussion.  It is only through this discussion and detailed understanding of their motivation that we can begin to support positive change in our pupils.  We understand that early childhood development under pins personal and social development and that for some of our pupils this has been fractured or can be missing.  It is our purpose to repair, replace and move forward as much as possible with all pupils.

We believe that behaviour can change.  We understand that every behaviour has a meaning.  Our planning for pupils in school needs to be at this deeply personal level.  This has to take into account individual motivators.

We embrace the concept of a hierarchy of need; learning can only take place when these are met.  In planning for progression we all understand that we build on previous learning and pupil interests.

We recognise that chaotic confrontational incidents provide us with unique opportunities to engage with pupils on a psychodynamic level to help them reframe and internalize appropriate strategies to support their needs being met.

Positive outcomes depend on the effective relationship between adults and pupils.  We are effective when we understand that we need to be empathetic, forgiving, appropriately challenging and driven by a generosity of spirit.  By doing this we generate trust.  All staff develop a professional approach in which they are willing to suspend the desire to have their own needs met in the interest of meeting the needs of our pupils.  We are consistent, insistent and persistent in all our interactions with pupils.  The learning environment must be stimulating, engaging, challenging, relevant and immersive.  This will ensure that children can learn to develop personally, socially and emotionally.