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Miss Mulligan's Class


Miss Mulligan's Class



The adults in Miss Mulligan's class are


Miss Mulligan - Miss Mulligan is the teacher, her favourite subjects are English and History and loves to read stories to the children. She loves animals and has a dog, Louie, and a cat, Mia, both are very naughty!


Miss Walker - Is a TA in Miss Mulligan's class. She loves reading stories to the children in the class and her favourite subject is geography.


Mr Saunders - Is one of the TA's in Miss Mulligan's Class he is really good with computers. Mr Saunders' favourite subject is History and loves to share his knowledge with anyone who will listen.


 Our Topic



In Miss Mulligan’s Class for our topic work, we have been looking at the worlds rainforests and the effect deforestation and climate change has had on them. For science, we have made mini biomes (Rainforest in jar) and observed and recorded their growth. In literacy, we have researched facts about rainforests using mixed media information to produce non-chronological reports.




In maths will be covering a whole range of math skills from column addition/subtraction to area, money and time

In order to help the children with their maths skills here are some links to websites they will use in school.



In PE We are using Gymnastic equipment such as the horse and beam to put together a gymnastic display.



Useful Websites








We have lots of fun in our class both with play and with our learning. Have a look at what we get up to! 
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