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Miss Mulligan's Class


Welcome to Miss Mulligan's Class

Mrs Frankland, Miss Mulligan & Miss Walker


This Term

This term we are exploring Space and Ancient Greece, we are VERY excited, especially since our book in English is Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Check back soon for an update of our learning! 

Last Term


This term we learnt about Nicola De La Haye, the custodian of Lincoln Castle during the second battle of Lincoln in 1217.  We explored Nicola De La Haye and her life as a woman in medieval England, Medieval food and Magna Carta; where we wrote our very own Magna Carta for our school. 


Alongside it, in our English lessons, we read the book 'The Siege of Caerlaverock' which is based on the true story of King Edward 1st's attack on Caerlaverock Castle in Scotland as part of the Scottish wars of independence in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. We wrote a newspaper report based on one part of the book and you can see a couple of examples below, I think you will agree that they are fantastic! 


In art we explored what stained glass windows are, why churches in the middle ages had them and how glass is made. We then made our own stained glass window from laminating pouches and glass pens some of which are pictured below. 



Veggie Super Heroes 

During lockdown in January 2021 we had some Zoom stories and one was about some super vegetables that saved a supermarket from being overtaken by evil peas. The children were challenged to make their very own supperveggie (or fruit). I think you would agree that they are fantastic! 




We will be doing PE on a Thursday this term. 

Black History Month 


In October 2020 we explored Black History Month, what it is and why we celebrate it. We looked at lots of inspirational people of colour like: 

Nelson Mandela

Jessie Owens

John Blanke

Martin Luther King Jr

Rosa Parks

Marcus Rashford




We have written our very own 'I have a dream' speech modelled on Martin Luther King Jr's speech in 1963 (please see below). 


We also explored the poem 'Invictus' which Nelson Mandela recited to himself whilst in prison on Robben Island. We looked at how reciting the poem allowed him to be 'free' for a few moments even though he wasn't physically free. We then wrote about Freedom in which ever way we wanted (also see below).

Our Class 


Please look at the pictures of our class and the learning we are doing.