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Miss Mulligan's Class


Miss Mulligan's Class


A Message from Miss Mulligan  - 16/7/20


Hi again everyone! 


I hope you are all ok and are starting to get out a little more - ensuring social distancing of course - and are getting used to this new normal. I have enjoyed not having to queue to get into Sainsbury's anymore and got to have my hair cut last week which was fantastic. 


Things are winding down at school ready for the summer holidays, i'm having to pack up the whole of my cupboard as I'm swapping classrooms with Miss Rollins after summer. I hope you have all found out your new classes and are excited to come back to school, all the adults are very excited to see you!


I will be giving everyone a ring on Friday so I hope to speak to some of you then!


I'm keeping you all in mind and hope you are all ok. 


Miss Mulligan 



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I don't know what I pressed!

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