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Miss Mulligan's Class


Miss Mulligan's Class


Welcome to Miss Mulligan's class.


We are all really happy to be back at school and are excited about the coming school year! 


This term we are learning about the Vikings. So far we have learnt where they came from, why they came here and the Gods that they believed in.


We have also made our own Viking shields, Viking jewellery and Viking bread - which had mixed reviews (some of us couldn't get our teeth into it!)! 


We are really looking forward to learning more about the Vikings! 





We have been studying Viking Boy this term, using it as a basis for our suspense and action writing. We are going to then turn our action writing into a play script to act out and record on the Ipads. 



We have been practising lots of number work in class including adding, subtracting. multiplication, and division. We have also started to measure length and mass and explore the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. 




We are exploring reversible and irreversible changes in Science this term. So far we have explored how salt makes ice melt quicker as it lowers the melting point and how to make a solution of salt and water and how, when the water evaporates it leaves the salt behind.


We will be doing PE on a Thursday this term. 

Black History Month 


We have been exploring Black History Month, what it is and why we celebrate it. We have been looking at lots of inspirational people of colour like: 

Nelson Mandela

Jessie Owens

John Blanke

Martin Luther King Jr

Rosa Parks

Marcus Rashford




We have written our very own 'I have a dream' speech modelled on Martin Luther King Jr's speech in 1963 (please see below). 


We also explored the poem 'Invictus' which Nelson Mandela recited to himself whilst in prison on Robben Island. We looked at how reciting the poem allowed him to be 'free' for a few moments even though he wasn't physically free. We then wrote about Freedom in which ever way we wanted (also see below).

Useful Websites





English (spelling and reading)


You can also check out BBC Bitesize who are providing lots of free lessons too.