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Fortuna Fortuna

Social development through play

We have some fantastic choosings in our class ranging from painting our feet and taking them on a walk, to chess games, messy play and craft activities. 

We encourage the children to develop their social skills through play and support this by joining them on their choosing activities to support well balanced play at their developmental stage not chronological age. 


Play has an important role to a child's emotional growth, especially in social and guided play, children learn self-regulation as they follow norms and pay attention while experiencing feelings such as anticipation or frustration. Play also teaches children how to set and change rules, and how to decide when to lead and when to follow.


Mrs Owen-Smith and Miss Holloway have fantastic choosing ideas and love to join in with the children.



We love a classic board game in our class. 



Team building activities are very important to all of us. 



Class adults love to help the children create their own ideas for choosing. 


We play lots of different types of top trumps.