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Fortuna Fortuna


We have been looking at lots of fun things during the year so far like teeth, the digestive system, electricity and plants. We have some very creative scientists in our class that absolutely love doing experiments. It might even be our favourite lesson. 


We have been looking at circuits and what we need to make make a circuit functional and then we used our science knowledge to make our own switches to help The Three Little Pigs stop The Wolf from breaking into their homes. this was done by looking at lots of different types of switches then choosing one we thought would work on a burglar alarm. 



We have been looking at the digestive system during science. we did an experiment on how food is processed through the digestive system and made poo!! It was so fun but also yucky! we loved it!



We got to do another experiment!

In this experiment we got to make Wizz Pop Rockets! Where we used bluetac to stick a Vitamin C to the top of a small cannister, we then half filled it with water, closed the container, flipped it over and watched it POP! 

We repeated this experiment a few more times and the children got to decide how much of the Vitamin C tablet they used and how much water they put into the cannister to try and make it fair test. As a class we then discussed what we would change and keep the same to make it a fair test. 



We did an experiment with 6 boiled eggs and 6 different drinks (Water, Coffee, Fresh Juice, Squash, Energy Drink and Coke). We wrote a prediction in our science book, then left the eggs in the drinks. After a week we examined the eggs to see if our predictions were correct. We used the eggs during this experiment as an example of what certain drinks can do to our teeth.