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Fortuna Fortuna


We have been loving our science lessons this term! We have begun our science topic by identifying and naming common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. We will focus on the type of animals they and their peers keep as pets and animals they may come across in the local area. 


Children will work scientifically to learn about animals – observing and contrasting, identifying and classifying, grouping and sorting, measuring and asking questions. They will learn about animals through a wide range of activities and experiences such as:

  • Matching and sorting pictures of animals and offspring
  • Labelling pictures or plastic animals
  • Observing animals via videos or first-hand experiences
  • Grouping and classifying pictures and names of animals
  • Using books and the internet to research different animals



Below is a great website to look at with your child to learn more about classifyng animals.


School Learning Zone - Animal Classification (