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Next Signposting and Information Event – not to be missed!!



(if you wish to display)


Date          Friday 31st January  2020  10.30 – 14.30

Event        LPCF Information & Signposting event (A day not to be missed)

Venue       Hubberts Bridge Community Centre Hubberts Bridge, near Boston, PE20 3SG

NB this event is not scheduled to return to Boston until mid 2021 so if you or your parents are  local – be there !!


  • Do you know what organisations exist to support families?
  • Would you like to know more? – Please tell any parents you work with that they can come along to our FREE event with lots of organisations, all under one roof.
  • Parents can have a look round, grab  a FREE cuppa and have a leisurely look over the information, talk to you and other professionals about any issues and enjoy time to talk to others about the support they offer.
  • They will also get the offer of a FREE max card with discounts for their family if they renew their details at registration.
    (All Professionals are also very welcome to look around too!)

Check out the flyer on our events page for further details


It is early days for service providers to book but last time we attracted 29 organisations – details of these can be found in our report or on the Information >signpost stands page of our website.

If you would like a stand we still have some spare places please let us know asap.


ALSO – FREE Workshops for parents – during Signposting event

On the day we are organising a 1 hour workshop  (running twice on the day).

Working through a specialist trainer, parents will be provided with ideas and techniques to help develop their own resilience and skills to use at home or out and about.

See our website events page for details which are being currently being finalised. I have also attached a flyer – please feel free to circulate.

LPCF Survey 2020 - VERY IMPORTANT !!!!!!

(“The state of SEND in Lincolnshire from Parent Carers and SENCos”)



Our latest survey will be out in early January and we need your help please.

Please note that whilst we are using paper versions for some distribution we would encourage Parent Carers and SENCos to use the E-Survey system if possible (not available on mobiles but designed for tablets and Desktops)


WIIFM (“What’s in it for Me” & Parents Carers)

For SENCos and schools

  • You will be assisting in measuring and evidencing the “State of SEND in Lincolnshire”.
  • Ofsted are now showing signs of being very interested in how education settings are “engaging with and participating” with parents of children with SEND – this could be evidence.
  • The views of SENCos will be available to LCC and Education settings (anonymised) with analysis of what is working and what may need attention. You Voice is important – make it heard!
  • Highlight common trends SENCos have e.g. being time poor

For Parent Carers

  • Assisting in measuring and evidencing the “State of SEND in Lincolnshire”  with their own views and experiences of services
  • Helping gather evidence rating most services relating to SEND from their own experience.
  • An opportunity to receive a Max Card if they register with LPCF (Similar to Student Union Cards but for Families with Children with SEND – some excellent discounts available) N.B. LIMITED STOCKS!!!


How can I help ?


  • For SENCos – please make sure your school SENCo team complete a SENCo survey form or complete online (after 10th Jan 2020)
  • We need you to tell us how it is for you as a SENCo in Lincolnshire at present.
  • SENCos are the critical link to parents, especially ensuring that those who are hard to reach, have a chance to be heard by distributing the survey as widely as possible.


All Professionals and SENCos

  • Please promote the survey to parents and encourage them to complete a survey – it only comes around every two years and this is a really IMPORTANT opportunity to share their views and experiences.
  • All schools will receive an initial distribution pack through the post, but let us know if your pack does not arrive by mid January
  • Any other professionals wishing to promote to parents – just let us know if you need paper forms or a template letter for parents pointing them to the E-Survey.
  • Additional copies of the paper survey / documentation are available on request. (How many and where)
  • Copies of the Surveys in PDF format are on the Survey’s initial home page  


We have tested the paper and E-survey formats with parents and each survey only takes 8-10 minutes to complete and can be done online.


If you would like LPCF to come along to a coffee morning or event with your parents to encourage them to complete it and let them know why it is so important please let us know.


This is where you get the chance to tell us how it really is.

Please don’t miss your chance.



New Outreach Project (previously known as SENCo Project)

As part of our new Outreach project  LPCF are offering settings the chance of a FREE visit from one of our dedicated volunteers, at your setting. (Now available to Children’s Centres, NHS teams etc and not only for SENCos)
Our visit can be used as evidence of participation towards Ofsted Inspections and will give you the opportunity to find out more information to support your families of children with SEND.

We can offer –

· Option 1 – to attend a Coffee Event / parents evening at your setting for your parents of Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) to hear about LPCF and what we offer. (SENCo can stay in meeting or not as required). 

· Option 2 – Meeting with SENCo to explain LPCF’s work and how we can benefit your work with families.

· Option 3 – Combination of Option 1 & 2

To book your FREE appointment email the admin address and we will contact you.

Important News
After years since implementation through the Code of Practice for SEND,  October saw the publication of the long awaited report into the SEND system by the Education Select Committee.
The evidence that the NNPCF and parent carers forums submitted to the inquiry was strongly reflected in the final report.

Fundamentally, after years of SEND development, much is not working well enough and the aspirations and hopes of the reforms have not been met.

Much more needs to be done across the UK although Lincolnshire is recognised as one area where good practice has been identified (participation and engagement with parents).
You can see more from latest news link on our home page for the positive mention of Lincolnshire. (only 1 of 4 mentioned for good practice!)


If you or parents have any views and experiences you feel we need to captured, let LPCF know through our Feedback systems or the upcoming Survey to ensure Lincolnshire’s SEND voices are heard and represented.

Hi my name is Caroline Kiernan, my title here at Fortuna School is a Child and Family Officer. I am here to support our parents and children in lots of ways.

Image result for help and support nurturing

Being a parent is a difficult job and sometimes we need that extra help. Well here I am to offer you what you need.         Image result for help and support nurturing

                                                                                  Perhaps it is just a phone call to offload your worries or ask advice. I am happy to help at any time and no question is silly.Image result for phone call cartoon


Or would you like me to visit you in your home and discuss things in more depth. Maybe you would like to come into school to see me. I want you to feel comfortable and for it to be a positive experience. Home and School working together gives the children the best outcome. 

   Image result for home visit cartoon                                               

I can support you and identify any problems by completing an Early Help Assessment (EHA) this describes the arrangements and services that are on offer to help you and your family. It is about bringing everyone together and talking about the best way to give you the help that you feel you need.Image result for family support


Sometimes this can be done in a meeting which is called Team Around the Child (TAC).  A TAC is to support children and young people from 0 to 19 years.


The assessment may identify that all the help you need could be managed in school or to involve another agency and arrange the TAC meetings. Image result for supporting families


The meetings will be set up at a date that suits you and your family and a place that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Image result for family meetings cartoonImage result for multi cultural family meeting cartoon


Everything is done with your knowledge and agreement. Please see attached below a TAC leaflet one for parents and one for young people.


Image result for multiracial handshake cartoon