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Care and Support at Fortuna

Hi my name is Caroline Kiernan, my title here at Fortuna School is a Child and Family Officer. I am here to support our parents and children in lots of ways.

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Being a parent is a difficult job and sometimes we need that extra help. Well here I am to offer you what you need.         Image result for help and support nurturing

                                                                                  Perhaps it is just a phone call to offload your worries or ask advice. I am happy to help at any time and no question is silly.Image result for phone call cartoon


Or would you like me to visit you in your home and discuss things in more depth. Maybe you would like to come into school to see me. I want you to feel comfortable and for it to be a positive experience. Home and School working together gives the children the best outcome. 

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I can support you and identify any problems by completing an Early Help Assessment (EHA) this describes the arrangements and services that are on offer to help you and your family. It is about bringing everyone together and talking about the best way to give you the help that you feel you need.Image result for family support


Sometimes this can be done in a meeting which is called Team Around the Child (TAC).  A TAC is to support children and young people from 0 to 19 years.


The assessment may identify that all the help you need could be managed in school or to involve another agency and arrange the TAC meetings. Image result for supporting families


The meetings will be set up at a date that suits you and your family and a place that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

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Everything is done with your knowledge and agreement. Please see attached below a TAC leaflet one for parents and one for young people.


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