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Fortuna Fortuna

Our Staff


Senior Management Team


Miss B Robson,       Executive Head

Hannah Keegan,  Head of School & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss T Claypole,  Deputy Head of School & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr C Chaplin,          Assistant Head  

Mrs P Rollins,          Assistant Head


School Business Manager

Mrs J Smith


Teaching Staff

Mrs P Rollins          Assistant Head

Mrs R Robinson     SENCO & Child in Care Designated Teacher

Miss L Mulligan      Lead for Teaching and Learning

Mrs E Clayton   

Mr L Williams

Miss J Galloway

Miss E Boes 

Mr J Tugwell


Miss C Senior HLTA

Mrs N Hagues HLTA



Mrs R Robinson


Child & Family Officer

Abigail Thorpe       Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Teaching Assistants


Miss S Crampton

Mrs R Mills

Mrs R Moate

Mr C Moore

Miss C Owen-Smith

Mr C Saunders

Miss K Walker

Miss V Rose

Miss S Hodgins

Miss S Husband

Miss Z Kettleborough

Miss M Westlake

Miss K Holroyd

Mrs N Hagues HLTA

Miss C Senior HLTA

Mrs A Hart

Mrs N McLeod

Mrs O'Hear

Miss C Owen

MIss J Gregory

Mrs Aziza Mirisse

Miss L Parr


School Administration


Miss C Wallace,     Senior Administrator 

Mrs C Porter,          Administrator Assistant 

Miss C Ison            Finance Assistant 


Catering Staff


Miss C Taylor,        Catering Manager 

Miss P Williams,     Catering Assistant