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Mr Williams' Class

Mr Williams' Class


***Home learning is just below the weekly message**

Weekly Message from Mr Williams (Monday 6th July)



Hello everyone, hope you are all well and had a nice weekend. We are all working hard here in school and we are all here waiting for you upon your return to school. We had a fire alarm practice in school today, it was very exciting and we all did so well to evacuate the school in record time. Don't worry though it was just a practice and we all returned to our work once Mr. Duncan turned the alarm off. 


I am impressed to hear the hard work you have all been up to we would love to see some photos of your home learning work or anything else you might want to share with us about what you have been getting up to over the last couple of weeks. If you want to send anything in all it can be sent to;


Remember to take little breaks from your work  if you need to.  If you need a little bit of extra help Di has put a very useful page together with some relaxation strategies and advice.  Take a look at it here 

Fortuna Story Time

A weekly story read by a familiar face:

Useful Websites; 


Literacy (I know some of you in class enjoy the Harry Potter stories, if you click on this link it will take you to a website where famous people are taking it in turns to read a chapter from The Philosopher's Stone. The first one is Harry Potter himself) (here you can find an online wordsearch game, there are different topics for you to choose from such as the world, birds and insects)


Numeracy (your child already has an account on here, Mr Williams will be setting weekly challenges) (great for times table practice amongst other things, the children love this game as we often play it in class when we have a spare 5 minutes). 




Jo wicks - (The bodycoach) is holding daily PE lessons, all you have to do is go to Youtube and search PE with Joe. It is a great chance to burn off some energy and stay active. 


Cosmic Kids - also on youtube if you search Cosmic Kids you can access fun and child friendly yoga and mindfulness activities, great for relaxation and calm. 


Go Noodle - if you search go noodle on youtube you can find some fun dances that will get your child moving. We often do these in class as a Friday treat to wake up our brains and bodies for the day. Banana, Banana Meatballs is our class favourite! 


Other Activities 

Bug hunt and bug hotel activity ideas, 





Great curriculum links below – clip or tap on the image