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Fortuna Fortuna

Meet our Leadership Team


Miss Robson is the Executive Head in overall charge of both Fortuna and Athena College. She splits her time between the two sites and when she is with us likes to visit all the classes and look at all the children's fantastic work.. In our talent show she was keen to share her dancing skills with us.

Mrs Keegan is our Head of School.

Mrs Keegan looks after all the children and grown up's in school and is always there to listen to our worries and help us to sort things out. She loves to hear about the exciting learning we have been doing in our classrooms and loves it when we take our best work to show her.

Oh and she loves glitter



Miss Claypole is Deputy Head Of School


Mr Chaplin is our Assistant Head he has been at our school for a long time as a teacher. He is known for his love of sport and maths, often mixing the two to keep his class's minds and bodies active. He really likes it when children bring their books for him to see how hard they have worked. Oh, and he does magic too, although he is no Harry Potter!

Mrs Rollins is our Assistant Head and has worked at Fortuna for a long time (she has also spent several years working at our federated secondary school Athena).

Mrs Smith Is our School Business Manager. When not at work Mrs Smith likes to go on long walks and to travel to Exotic places .