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Mrs Galloway's Class

Welcome to Mrs Galloway's Class

Mrs Moate, Mrs Galloway and Mrs Husband


Autumn Term

We have spent Term One and Two exploring the Vikings

Take a look at our Viking displays


It is exciting to be back in school full time, we are keeping to our class bubbles (and hand washing lots) to keep safe. We are starting our learning by exploring the Vikings. Our class question is; Could you be a victorious Viking?

We will keep our class page updated with all our Viking learning!



In our Literacy lessons, we have been reading the book 'Viking Boy' by Tony Bradman. The children have absolutely loved hearing the story of a young Viking named Gunnar and his quest of vengeance! It has helped us learn lots more about The Viking Era and the children have produced some exceptional writing inspired by Viking Boy such as; diary entries as Vikings, action & suspense writing, and play scripts (which included some epic Viking battles!)




The children have put a lot of effort into their times tables. They have learnt tricks of the 8 times table, played games and worked as a team to improve their multiplication recall. The children are doing amazing at this and improve every week. We are learning to tell the time, sort 2D and 3D shapes, fractions and of course always practicing our counting, adding, subtracting, division and multiplication. 



We are exploring reversible & irreversible changes in our science lessons over the first two terms. We learnt how to work scientifically by setting up experiments and investigating a question. We explored how salt lowers the melting point of freezing and we set up an experiment to find out how things evaporated - this actually took 2 of our school days to observe and record but the results were brilliant and showed us how Vikings use to salt their food. 




What don't we know about the Vikings now?

We have learnt about their daily life (it wasn't all huge battles!)

We know how they made things,

The houses they lived in,

The Gods they believed in,

The ships they sailed in and...

We even know how to write our names in Viking Runes

Ask us about The Vikings!



A Viking Battle!


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