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Mrs Galloway's Class

Welcome to Mrs Galloway's Class

Mrs Moate, Mrs Galloway and Mrs Husband


Summer Term


For the summer term, we have been exploring space! Our topic of space is also linked to Greek mythology. We have learnt that the Ancient Greek's named all the constellations and believed space and stars could tell us our destiny. When we have a history lesson we learn all about the time of Ancient Greece and in our science we explore the vastness of space.




As a class, we are reading the adventure of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Wow! What a story! It includes all the Greek Gods and has twists and turns every chapter. We are really enjoying it. Percy sent us a letter that was written in invisible ink and contained a magical crystal. He asked us to research the mythological creature called Argus. We have spent the last few weeks, learning how to write brilliant explanation texts so we can explain to Percy how to use the crystal to defeat Argus the Giant with 100 eyes!




We have had a great summer term with our math making lots of progress and deepening our understanding. We are particularly good at place value and number work, adding and multiplying. The sun is shining so we've even been going outside to do our math we did a survey of how many insects were in the school garden and then presented the data on different types of graphs. Number day was great fun, we made math themed masks, played lots of math games outside and did a math treasure hunt!.







Our science this term has been learning all about the vastness of Space - there's so much to learn! So far, we have learnt all about the planets, the sun and the moon. We have been learning all the vocabulary of our solar system and how the the planets orbit. We investigated the theory that people use to believe the earth was flat - we investigated the evidence and went outside to discuss the horizon and shadows to prove we know the earth is round. We have lots more science to get done this last term too!




Here's a sneak peak at some of the other fun we have at school laugh








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