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Step-3 Covid-19 safety measures

Dear Parent/Carer,

CTuesday 13 th Jul

I am writing to inform you that the school will be maintaining existing Step-3 Covid-19 safety measures until the children break up for the summer holidays. This decision has been made to protect all members of our school community in the hope that we can reduce the likelihood of individuals having to self-isolate as the summer holiday commences.

When we resume school in September, the school will have moved to Step 4 in accordance with national guidance. This will mean:

  • Hand washing and hygiene procedures, including regular cleaning will remain in place.  Classrooms will continue to be ventilated by leaving windows open and having a school jumper remains advisable.
  • Staff and children will no longer be required to wear face coverings, although will be encouraged to do so in crowded or enclosed areas.
  • Children will no longer need to be grouped in bubbles' and social distancing will no longer be required. We will however have a staggered return to lunch sittings in the dinner hall.

All children will continue to be provided with a hot lunch.

  • Close contacts of a confirmed Covid case, who are under 18 and those who are double vaccinated will not be required to self-isolate from the 16th August. They should instead take a PCR test and may return to school following a negative test result.

From the 19th July, the NHS will be taking over school's track and trace responsibility. It is a legal requirement that the guidance provided is followed.

The guidance around keeping children at home when they show symptoms of Covid remain the same, with children staying at home until they have had a negative PCR test.

I would like to thank you for you continued support through the Covid pandemic and wish you all a safe and restful summer.

Yours faithfully