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Coronavirus Home Learning 

We understand that the individual circumstances of each of your households will be quite unique at the moment and with this in mind we have tried to make our home learning provision as flexible as possible. Our home learning provision is focused on helping you create a sense of routine at home and keeping your child's brain ticking over for when school reopens.


Each week we will provide a menu of maths, reading, spelling/phonics and writing activities for your child to access through the week. We would suggest that children attempt one activity from each strand per day, but understand this may not always be possible. Some activities can be repeated on different days if your child enjoys them.


We have also included some additional activities that can be done as mini-projects through the week.


Within the menu of activities, there are a number of online activities and as always we would recommend that your child is supervised when they are accessing the world wide web.


The packs are all linked below. If you are unsure which stage your child is working at, the packs for Week 1 can be found on your child's class page (Click the Children section and then click your child's class page). If a pack is too easy or challenging for your child, you can move to a different Stage (the higher the stage, the higher the challenge).


Each week we will upload a new home learning pack to the school website. 

Useful Links - Reading
Useful Links - Maths

Sumdog can also be used to practise spellings and reading. This can be done by clicking the 'Tasks' icon (Yellow with a chequered flag) and selecting either spelling or reading.

Additional Home Learning Resources

Should you wish to do additional learning at home, the following websites have provided resources for home learning (Please remember that your child would need to access work at the stage they are working at and this may not match their chronological age).

Below are 100 ideas to keep your child entertained during self-isolation:
Picture 1 100 ways to keep your child entertained

Lego Challenges

If you are lucky enough to have some Lego at home, you could try the Lego challenges below. There is a new challenge to have a go at each day.

Picture 1 Lego Challenges