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Coronavirus Home Learning 

In the event of your child having to self-isolate, the class teacher will provide weekly home learning plans related to the learning that would have taken place within school.


These plans will include daily activities for reading, writing, spelling/phonics and maths. They will also include activities linked to foundation subjects like maths or art and the class topic.


In the event of a 'bubble' of pupils having to self-isolate, home learning plans will be shared on the website (see link to class pages) or by email/post upon request. If an individual pupil is self-isolating home learning will be sent by email or post. 


We will make use of the pupil's Sumdog account to support learning in maths, spelling and grammar. This can be accessed through most internet capable devices and provides a fun way  for children to practise core skills. 


When deemed appropriate teachers will also provide videos to support home learning on the class webpages.


If you want a more teacher led experience for your home learning, Oak National Academy has been set up to deliver online home learning lessons.


For each year group, teachers across the country have created online lessons for a range of subject areas that your child can follow at home. 


It is worth bearing in mind that you will need to access the learning of the stage your child is working at and not necessarily the year group they are in. E.g. if your child is in year 5 but working at stage 3 you will need to access the year 3 materials from Oak National Academy.


These are not particularly tailored to children with special needs but we have included them on this page to ensure you have a broad and flexible set of options to support you with home learning.

Fortuna Story Time

We thought it would be nice for your children to see a familiar face from school, so each week we will upload a video of a member of staff reading a story. 


The link to this playlist is below and a new video will be added each week.

Useful Links - Reading
Useful Links

Sumdog can also be used to practise spellings and reading. This can be done by clicking the 'Tasks' icon (Yellow with a chequered flag) and selecting either spelling or reading.

Below are 100 ideas to keep your child entertained during self-isolation:

Lego Challenges

If you are lucky enough to have some Lego at home, you could try the Lego challenges below. There is a new challenge to have a go at each day.