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--- Home Learning --- (Click Here)

Home Learning

At the beginning of each week learning will be set by teachers for pupils to complete if they have to work from home. 


You will find the home learning plan tailored to your child’s stage and some useful links to activities, resources and websites below. Your child’s class teacher will ensure that any additional resources will be sent to you as soon as possible in the event that your child has to stay at home. 


Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you or your child need extra support and/or additional work/resources.


Here is my email address for you to send photo's of you work and to tell me what you have been doing whilst you are doing your home learning. 

I look forward to seeing your work.

In Literacy we are learning about embedded clauses- please read through the first part of the information on this webpage - 


Then complete the attachment on embedded clauses


Please then spend 15 minutes reading a book or article on newsround.


In maths


Please play sum dog for 20 mins

Now watch the bitesize video


Then complete the maths worksheet addition.

Afternoon Lesson - Read through and watch the video on the website below


Now design a poster to encourage people to use less plastic that highlights the problem with plastic on wildlife and environment. Remember what makes a good poster - pictures, colour, text, wording, rhetorical question? 


Embedded Clauses