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Fortuna Fortuna

Important events past and present

In our class we work hard at helping the children gain knowledge of all important events, present and historically including Black History Month, Remembrance Day, World Mental Health Day, Anti-Bullying Week and many more throughout our year.


World Book Day


We had a great day celebrating world book day, we had an Author come in - Ian Bland, who read us some of his brilliant poems that involved actions, we had a great laugh as a whole school doing. He then lead a workshop in helping us write our own poems with actions. On top of that we had great fun dressing up as a character from our favourite book. 




Our class was given poem and the adults dressed the door for us, we drew some creatures to go into the display. 




We were very lucky before Christmas, Santa came to Fortuna and visited us. We loved seeing him, he was very kind and bought us all a gift. 




We also learnt about christdingles and we got to make one to take home!




Remembrance Day


We painted the bottom of plastic bottles to look like poppies and these will be displayed in our Hall for the week of Remembrance Day. 


Anti-Bullying Week


In class each child coloured a bookmark with their names on. Once that was completed, we passed the bookmark around the table and adults asked the other the children to write one nice word about the child. Now if the children ever feels low they are able to look at their bookmarks and see all the kinds things the class thinks about them.