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Fortuna Fortuna

Miss Rollins' Class

Welcome to Miss Rollins' Class


Mrs Hagues, Miss Rollins, Mrs Owen-Smith and Miss Holloway

We are so lucky to have such a wonderful class! The children are great friends and have some great choosings together. We love learning in our class and are very creative. We especially enjoy science experiments.

Spring Term



This term we will be reading "The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs", learning all about alternative fairy-tales. This book tells us about the story from A. Wolf's side. Were the Three little pigs telling us the truth or would you believe A. Wolf ? We will also be looking at different alternative fairy-tales throughout the term and what their endings might be, discussing the different versions of traditional tales we know. 





Our work has been focused around the  'Worlds Worst Children 2'. While reading the stories in this book we have been learning lots! Including about different types of sentences, word classes (noun, verbs and adjectives) calligrams, similes, alliteration and onomatopoeia.



Here are some of the Calligrams we have made.



We read the traditional tale of "The 3 Little Pigs." we spoke about the what was meant by "traditional". We then got to build our own homes for a little pig using cocktail sticks and sweets. Then using a hairdryer with a wolf mask attached to see if our house were strong or if the wolf could huff and puff and blow our houses down.  





We love maths in our class and always try to make the lessons as hands on and as practical as possible! We will be working on securing those key maths skills such as place value, number recognition and counting this term. We have already been busy with the base 10 and Numicon resources to make numbers in lots of different ways. 


Using Base 10 we were creating two digit numbers.



We have been using Playdoh and cookie cuttings to learn about halves and quarters. We had to work out if it was possible to half or quarter the shape we had been given.




We went outside and learnt about part whole models, using chalk to draw them on the playground. 




Using different materials and methods we have built different 3D shapes. 




Are all your teeth the same? No! You need the right tooth for the job! Can you puzzle out which teeth bite, grip, tear, crush, grind and chew? This term we will learn their scientific names and the reason for their strange shapes.


                                       We did an experiment with 6 boiled eggs and 6 different drinks (Water, Coffee, Fresh Juice, Squash, Energy Drink and Coke). We wrote a prediction of what we thought might happen to the eggs in our science book then left them for a week. After the week had passed we examined the eggs to see if our predictions were correct. We used eggs during this experiment as an example of what certain drinks can do to our teeth.


We did an experiment with 6 boiled eggs and 6 different drinks (Water, Coffee, Fresh Juice, Squash, Energy Drink and Coke). We wrote a prediction in our science book, then left the eggs in the drinks. After a week we examined the eggs to see if our predictions were correct. We used the eggs during this experiment as an example of what certain drinks can do to our teeth.


We got to do another experiment!

In this experiment we got to make Wizz Pop Rockets! Where we used bluetac to stick a Vitamin C to the top of a small cannister, we then half filled it with water, closed the container, flipped it over and watched it POP! 

We repeated this experiment a few more times and the children got to decide how much of the Vitamin C tablet they used and how much water they put into the cannister to try and make it fair test. As a class we then discussed what we would change and keep the same to make it a fair test. 




We have been looking at the digestive system during science. we did an experiment on how food is processed through the digestive system and made poo!! It was so fun but also yucky! we loved it!



Useful Websites



In our class we work hard at helping the children gain knowledge of all important events, present and historically including Black History Month, Remembrance Day, World Mental Health Day, Anti-Bullying Week and many more throughout our year.



Remembrance Day




We painted the bottom of plastic bottles to look like poppies and these will be displayed in our Hall for the week of Remembrance Day. 


Anti-Bullying Week


In class each child coloured a bookmark with their names on. Once that was completed, we passed the bookmark around the table and adults asked the other the children to write one nice word about the child. Now if the children ever feels low they are able to look at their bookmarks and see all the kinds things the class thinks about them. 






We were very lucky before Christmas Santa came to Fortuna and visited us. We loved seeing him, he was very kind and bought us all a gift. 




We also learnt about christdingles and we got to make one to take home!








We have some fantastic choosings in our class ranging from painting our feet and taking them on a walk, to chess games, messy play and craft activities. 

We encourage the children to develop their social skills through play and support this by joining them on their choosing activities to support well balanced play at their developmental stage not chronological age. 


Play has an important role to a child's emotional growth, especially in social and guided play, children learn self-regulation as they follow norms and pay attention while experiencing feelings such as anticipation or frustration. Play also teaches children how to set and change rules, and how to decide when to lead and when to follow.


Mrs Owen-Smith and Miss Holloway have fantastic choosing ideas and love to join in with the children.




Mrs Owen-Smith had the fantastic idea of footprint painting for our golden time choosing on a Friday and it went down brilliantly! The children that joined in had a fantastic time and you could hear them laughing away from the inside. Mrs Owen-smith ended this choosing with a foot wash and rub, a lovely way to end the week. 




We have a class full of creative minds and are always building things out of our fun construction choosing options. What will we think of next? 




What wonderful minds we have - during a choosing one of our children decided to build a zoo! 




Our PE is on a Monday afternoon. Please send your child with their PE kit. A plain white T.Shirt, dark shorts or jogging bottoms and trainers. 



This term we have been practising our throwing skills, the children really loved doing this by playing a bit of Basketball. They were divided into two groups, each with a hoop and six cones. One player from each would select their cone and try to score, if they did score they would take the cone back with them. It wasn't made into a competition but it was really  lovely thing to see everyone working as a team, trying to help and encourage one another.




In History we have been learning about Anglo-Saxons. Where they lived, what times they lived in, why they are called Anglo-Saxons and much more. 



Alfric the Anglo-Saxon came to visit our classroom and help the children answer some questions they might have to find out even more.