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Miss Rollins' Class

Welcome to Miss Rollins' Class



Miss Rollins, Mrs  Hauges, Miss Crampton and Mrs Owen-Smith


We are so lucky to have such a wonderful class! The children are great friends and have some great choosings together. We love learning in our class and are very creative. We especially enjoy science experiments and are looking forward to learning about Forces and Magnets this term. 

Our wonderful classroom

Grass Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs listening to a story!

Summer Term

This term we will be reading the Hodgeheg by Dick King Smith, which is all about a young hedgehog called Max.



Max is a hedgehog who lives with his family in a nice little home, but it’s on the wrong side of the road from the Park where there’s a beautiful lily pond and plenty of juicy slugs, worms and snails!

The busy road is dangerous but Max is determined to make his way across. If humans can do it, why can’t hedgehogs?

His first attempt ends in a nasty bump on the head and, when Max tries to speak, he realises his words are all mixed up. He is no longer a hedgehog but a hodge-heg!

Still determined to fulfil his mission, Max discovers the best way to cross the road – with the help of the lollipop lady and some careful detective work . . .


We are also going to be learning lots of facts about hedgehogs and their habbitats in science. Already we have found out that female hedgegogs are called Sows, male hedgehogs Boars and baby hedgehogs are known as Hoglets. 


Science Fun - Habitats and Minibeasts in the School Garden



In maths this term we are hoping to make the most of the sunny weather and takes maths into the great outdoors with lots of practical and fun activities, such as using containers of water to help our understanding of capacity and practicing measuring the playground using the trundle wheel.


We love maths in our class and always try to make the lessons as hands on and as practical as possible! We will be working on securing those key maths skills such as mutiplication this term. 

Maths Fun


Useful Websites


We have some fantastic choosings in our class ranging from Frozen arctic explorers digging animals from the ice, to chess games, messy play and craft activities. 

We encourage the children to develop their social skills through play and support this by joining them on their choosing activities to support well balanced play at their developmental stage not chronological age. 


Play has an important role to a child's emotional growth, especially in social and guided play, children learn self-regulation as they follow norms and pay attention while experiencing feelings such as anticipation or frustration. Play also teaches children how to set and change rules, and how to decide when to lead and when to follow.


Miss Crampton and Mrs Owen-Smith have fantastic choosing ideas and love to join in with the children.